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Rings By Design have been creating shaped wedding rings for couples in the North East for over two decades. Our solid reputation has been built on creating quality bespoke jewellery at competitive prices. We’re looking team up with like minded business’s in the wedding industry who believe in offering a first class service to expand our offering throughout the rest of the UK.


– No Cost To You

-No Long Term Commitment – Opt Out At Any Time



step one design ideas for your wedding ring


We will provide you with a leaflet dispenser and a supply of A5 leaflets that will explain to your brides exactly what we do. If you have room for it we will also supply you with an A4 free standing display unit.

All we ask is that you display these in a prominent position in your outlet and let us know when leaflets are running low so we can send you some more.

Point of sale and leaflets are provided to you free of charge. 

Rings By Design Kit

Signpost couples to oUR WEBSITE

Customers who are interested in having a ring or rings designed can book a live online consultation via our website.

The customer consultation is free and places them under no-obligation to buy anything. We don’t pressurise anyone into buying but our design process is thorough and our prices are very competitive so most customers do tend to go on to make a purchase.

The customer leaflet will explain the consultation process to them in detail but if they seem very interested why not encourage them to book an appointment whilst they are still in store? That way they could even take the ‘Consultation Kit’ away with them at the same time.


Step three bespoke wedding ring kit


In order to do an effective consultation remotely customers need to have the tools to hand to measure finger sizes, capture engagement ring vectors, estimate band widths etc. To make this possible we have compiled a ‘Consultation Kit’ which is neatly packaged in a smart presentation box.

We will provide each outlet who participates with a ‘Consultation Kit’ to loan to customers who have booked an online consultation. We ask that you record customer details accurately and manage the loan and return of the kit in such a way that it is available to the optimum number of customers. 

You may wish to charge a small deposit to ensure the kit is returned to you promptly but that is a decision we will leave up to you.


Step three building your bespoke Ring


Each Consultation Kit has a unique reference number. The reference number of your kit will be matched to your outlet.

At the start of the Consultation we will ask the Customer for the reference number from their kit and this will enable us to reconcile who is due commission in the event of a sale resulting from that consultation.

When a customer places an order we will drop you an email telling you they have done so. Once the ring(s) have been delivered and the customer has confirmed they are satisfied with them you will be due commission on the sale.

Commission is paid at 20%  of the selling price (after deducting vat and any other taxes.) If you are VAT registered yourself you will receive VAT on the commission earned providing you provide us with a valid vat number for your business. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to participate in the scheme?

Nothing, Nada, Zip………Everything you need is provided by us free of charge


How much time will it take up & What do I have to do?

Not very much in truth! Once you have displayed the point of sale in a prominent position in your outlet the rest should take care of itself.

Customers can book their online consultations directly with Rings By Design and a Rings By Design staff member will do the consultation with them. We will email the customer a quote after the consultation and process any sale that results. We’ll do everything necessary to manufacture the ring or rings and despatch them straight to the customer. When your commission payment becomes due we’ll even raise the invoice on your behalf.

Apart from displaying the point of sale the only other thing we ask of you is that you manage the loan of the Consultation Kit to the customer before their consultation and make sure it’s returned to you afterwards so that the next customer can borrow it.


How much will I make in commission?

That really depends on how many rings are sold using the Consultation Kit from your outlet and what prices they sell at.

The average price of a lady’s wedding ring is in the region of £717 including vat and for a gents around £724. Prices vary depending on factors such as the width of the band required, the type of metal chosen and whether the customer wants to incorporate diamonds or other precious stones in their design. We cater for all budgets – A simple silver 2mm wide shape-around band will be less than two hundred pound, a wider platinum band studded with sparkling diamonds may cost two thousand.

On a £1441 average sale you would earn £240 (£1441 less vat at 20% = £1200.83    20% of £1200.83 = £240.16)

6 average pairs per annum – Earnings = £1,440.96

10 average rings per annum – Earnings = £2,401.60

20 average rings per annum – Earnings = £4,803.20   

 There is no limit on how much you can earn in commission and no minimum targets or break points to achieve. All we ask in return is that you display the point of sale and manage the loan and return of the Consultation Kit to customers who have booked consultations.

For outlets who are vat registered commission paid will be plus vat. e.g. If commission of £100 is due the payment made will be £100+vat.


What if I choose to take part then change my mind?

You can opt out of the scheme at any time simply by letting us know & returning the kit we have supplied. There is no minimum time period. You will still earn commission on any consultations that have already taken place using a kit you supplied. 


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