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The history of Rings By Design and why we’re trusted by so many customers

Established in 2001, Rings By Design is the North East leading Specialist in bespoke rings

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Rings By Design was born out of a friendship circle, a party and a favour.

Ian and Graham knew each other for many years, after a friend of Ian’s had dated Graham’s sister whilst they were young. They had circled each other’s friendship groups for several years until Ian was looking to buy wedding jewellery for his upcoming marriage. Ian’s friend, Graham’s sister, suggested he speak to her brother who was a jeweller working for a major jewellery chain.

Graham advised Ian to go take a look at some designs with his soon to be wife and come back to him with some ideas of what they wanted. Sadly, Ian foolishly bought an engagement ring from the high street (he could have had a bespoke engagement ring without completely emptying the bank). He did however come back to Graham for the wedding rings and then he saw the expertise in Graham’s craftmanship.

Some time later they crossed paths again at a party. Graham was looking for change as he was no longer happy working for a big chain. Ian suggested Graham struck out on his own and, with a wealth of sales and marketing experience, Ian was the perfect partner to help him bring his considerable jeweller talents to market. In 2001, Rings By Design was established.


The partnership was born in 2002 and they planned out their new business. Starting small they decided to focus on wedding rings. And everything had to be bespoke and affordable. They started with home consultations for couples, a relative first in the country!

They brought their combined talents together – Ian was an accomplished salesman having previously worked for Coca Cola and others, whilst Graham is a fully qualified jeweller. They designed a process which could allow them to bring genuinely bespoke and custom-made jewellery to people.

Ian and Graham - owners of Rings By Design
Graham from Rings By Design

We are different

Put simply we’re a bespoke jeweller. A GENUINELY bespoke jeweller. We don’t simply offer a range of cut and paste templates for you to create something, we are here to help you to create the jewellery of your dreams. Whether it’s memorial jewellery, taking a piece of a loved one’s jewellery and upcycling it into something you can wear and remember them by, or an engagement, wedding or eternity ring we work with you to create what you want.

For us, everything begins with the personal touch. We enjoy the face-to-face meetings with happy couples and those seeking the comfort of a timeless memorial jewellery piece. ‘And now, thanks to the pandemic, we have also developed a process that allows us to conduct consultations remotely via video link.

We even have our very own process to allow us to create bespoke shape around wedding rings to perfectly fit your engagement ring, without you having to part with you ring for weeks!

Do unto others

At the heart of Rings By Design is a simple set of values: build bespoke and treat others the way we want to be treated.

We are here to help you, every step of the way. And we are happy to go above and beyond to help you to make your dreams a reality.

About Us

Established since 1999, we’ve become North East leading specialists in bespoke rings.


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