Shape Around Rings

Jul 28, 2021

​You’ve just got engaged, congratulations! It is such an amazing feeling and can leave you feeling as though you are on top of the world. You now have a beautiful ring on your finger, and you are loving showing it off to your friends. Did you go with your partner to select it or did you entrust them to choose you the ring to represent your relationship? Or did they, perhaps, completely surprise you? Either way you have a gorgeous ring to show the world that you are going to dedicate your lives to each other. What about the wedding ring though? Let us introduce you to Shape Around Rings.

Whether your engagement ring is a more traditional shape or is as unique and individual as your relationship, ultimately it is going to be receiving a companion ring. Your wedding ring. 

Wedding Rings

​As engagement rings have become more daring and adventurous, more and more people have found it harder to match their wedding ring with their engagement ring. There are so many different shapes and forms for engagement rings, with choices around the number of gems, settings for stones, even twisting shapes for you ring.

Traditional wedding rings are a simple band which represents love’s unending nature, but if your engagement is more unique why can’t your wedding ring be unique too? And if your engagement ring is a unique shape, how on earth is it going to fit snugly together with your wedding ring? This is where shape around wedding rings come into the picture.

Instead of the simple flat band, shape around rings are designed to fit snugly up against the engagement ring. You may have seen shape around rings in wedding jewellery sets, and those are lovely but your wedding ring is more unique than that. That just means that your Shape Around Ring should be just as unique. These are not simple off-the-shelf pre-made sets, this is bespoke jewellery that fits you and your engagement ring.

At Rings By Design, we create shape around rings that complement not only your engagement ring but also your personal style and taste. We have designed beautiful bespoke shape around rings for all sorts of people. You may have read our recent blog about how we helped a young lady to incorporate her Grandmother’s ring into her shape around wedding ring. You will be amazed by what we can do for you.

Previously we created bespoke wedding jewellery by having appointments, meeting face to face and really getting to know your needs and physically seeing your engagement rings. This all had to change though due to the dreaded 2020 pandemic.

Covid took so much from so many of us, and it took our ability to meet with our amazing clients and help them create the most beautiful day of their lives with stunning bespoke wedding jewellery.

That is until we came up with a brilliant new process to enable us to still help clients to create their very own bespoke shape around ring. And now we can not only help those living in the North East of England, but we can also create bespoke wedding rings for clients nationwide!
It all begins with a chat. We do this to get an idea for what it is you are looking for; it also helps us to get to see your engagement ring which obviously we can now do without you having to come in! From there we send you some sample rings (not the real things, wow that would be trusting!) and equipment. Part of that equipment is our special secret weapon in creating a shape around ring for you.

The shape around tool allows you to accurately plot out what your engagement ring looks like and also accurately share the size of the ring with us! We can’t go into too much detail on it here, but it does allow us to get a very clear picture of the dimensions of your engagement ring.

When you’ve received your kit, we have another consultation with you, this means we get to guide you through the process, so everything goes right! Here we’ll agree the specifications for your bespoke shape around ring. Once that’s all done, we can then send you a mock-up of your shape around ring to confirm everything is as it should be. Once you confirm you love it, that’s it! We go ahead and make the finished beautiful final bespoke shape around wedding ring.

At Rings by Design, we specialise in completely bespoke jewellery. No matter how big or small the budget we are here to create the perfect expression of your love. We offer Face to Face consultations in the North East.  We also offer a completely unique national service for creating bespoke ‘shape around’ rings so you can have a wedding band that fits snugly with your engagement ring wherever you live. No matter your needs, tastes or budgets get in touch to see how we can make your dreams come true.

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